Presentation of downloadable articles

The Academic section of the site includes: a comprehensive list of publications most of them directly downloadable. They are presented first as a total collection in reverse chronological order. Soon the site will also present works arranged under the six categories of my research interest.

  • entrepreneurial process
  • entrepreneurial context
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • new venture creation
  • entrepreneurship education
  • the methodology of entrepreneurship research

My perspective on entrepreneurship and definition of fundamental terms

I am a theorist of entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurial context. I believe entrepreneurship is best understood by asking the questions what, how and where rather than who or why. ‘What and how’ are matters of process and much of my work culminates in my general Model of Entrepreneurial Process (MEP) presented below. Where raises the issue of context. The most important context is community context and I have developed a diagnostic framework for assessing this impact on any proposed entrepreneurial project. I was the founder of a Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Community at Deakin University for which, unfortunately funding only lasted for two years. I hope to revive interest in focusing on process and context throughout both the scholarly and business worlds.

A pet hate of mine is reading work where one is unsure of what the author means by some of the key terms in our field: innovation, entrepreneurship, business model, business planning and business plan. This is what I mean by those terms and I have a substantial body of work to justify my use of them. When I talk about these things, you know what I mean.

Innovation is the combination of an inventive process and an entrepreneurial process to transform new knowledge into new value for the benefit of defined stakeholders.

I use three definitions of entrepreneurship

Shortest version: Entrepreneurship is the process of turning new knowledge into new value.

Short version: Entrepreneurship is the process of transforming new knowledge into new value for intended people and purposes.

Full definition: Entrepreneurship is the process of evaluating, committing to and achieving, under contextual constraints, the creation of new value from new knowledge for the benefit of defined stakeholders.

A business model is a detailed design for transforming precisely defined resources and activities into calculated value for the benefit of defined stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial business planning (EBP) is the process of convincing investors of the desirability of investing in a new venture by articulating and programming the economic consequences of a strategy which determines relevant antecedent variables, expresses them in holistic relationship and subjects them to sensitivity analysis in order to maximize the probability of a desired change of state.

An Entrepreneurial Business Plan is the formal argument used to secure, from prospective investors, resources required for a proposed entrepreneurial process.