Current Activities

I am pretty busy on a wide range of fronts.

Two books are in progress

The Entrepreneurial Century 1588-1688: How England and Holland Made the Modern World, tells the story of the explosion of entrepreneurship between the Spanish Armada and the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’. How could it be that the most powerful nation on earth in 1588 became an innovative backwater and relatively tiny nations came to shape the destiny of the modern world in only one hundred years. The answer is entrepreneurship: lots of it.

Entrepreneurship: the Process of Value Creation, is a book that amalgamates all my research, over 20 years, in the fields of entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurial context.

Resources are in play

I am currently developing the world’s premier boutique fly fishing lodge in the beautiful foothills of High Country Victoria. Pilgrim’s Creek Estate will include: five star accommodation in what will be one of Australia’s most innovative buildings – a unique S-shaped Modernist lodge superbly accommodated to its surroundings; the world’s first Japanese Modernist fishing pavilion on the edge of Australia’s premier small trout stream; a vineyard pioneering the Carmenere grape in Australia and orchard producing premium quality fruit and conserves. The fishing is pretty good too!


The fabulous Beach Brothers (Elwood and Brighton) continue their guerrilla gigging as the world’s premier Electric Ukulele and Blues Harmonica Duo. Meanwhile, Kevin Hindle and the Stranded Passengers keep the American Songbook alive in rural Victoria.