Consultancy past and present

In a period spanning more than 30 years, I have consulted on entrepreneurship and related issues to more than 150 separate clients ranging from the smallest of start-ups to large corporations and major government agencies (Australian and International), several international universities, major sporting and special interest clubs and societies and many non-profit organizations. I was a ministerially appointed foundation member of Australia’s National Innovation Awareness Council and the advisory board of the International Danish Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA).

My consultancy takes the knowledge acquired in my research and puts it to work in the real world. Alone and with colleagues I have developed many models, tools and systems that are at the leading edge of entrepreneurship research and can make a valuable contribution to client enterprises.

One of the the most important of these is the Business Evaluation Calculus, (BEC), a general purpose system for performing a collaborative, unbiased evaluation of any business opportunity.

My consultancy practice is now fully focused on guiding profitable innovation within private sector organisations and helping government to help business in the fields of regional development and the provision of assistance to individuals and enterprises who seek to become more entrepreneurial. My consultancy firm is the Mentor Entrepreneurship Group.