About ENTangles

ENTangles is a collection of essays, edited and published by Kevin Hindle. Each ENTangle presents a well-considered, well-written combination of information and point of view on an important entrepreneurial issue that has global relevance. In selecting pieces to publish, emphasis is given but not limited to ground-breaking developments in entrepreneurship research, education and policy. All ENTangles must have a strong evidential base but equally strong opinions about the subject matter – the authors’ ”angle” – are encouraged rather than discouraged (in contrast to the avoidance of opinion imposed in formal, academic publications).

It is hoped that, as the collection grows, authors will include leading entrepreneurship researchers, teachers and practitioners, policy-makers, social commentators and, indeed, anyone with a genuinely interesting ’angle’ on any interesting aspect of contemporary entrepreneurship.

Contact Kevin Hindle to submit your ENTangle. The maximum length of a submission is 1,500 words (not counting references, title and author details).