Hindle’s Model of Entrepreneurial Process

Hindle’s model of entrepreneurial process (MEP)

The full derivation and explanation of this model can be found in:

Hindle, K. 2010. Skillful Dreaming: Testing a General Model of Entrepreneurial Process with a Specific Narrative of Venture Creation. In William B. Gartner (Ed.), ENTER: Entrepreneurial Narrative Theory Ethnomethodology and Reflexivity. Clemson SC: Clemson University (ISBN 978-0-9842598-6-1), 97-135.

The need for this ‘harmonized’ model is revealed in the following paper:

Moroz, Peter W. and Hindle, Kevin 2012. Entrepreneurship as a Process: Toward Harmonizing Multiple Perspectives. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Volume 36, Issue 4, July, 781–818.

Isn’t academic publishing wonderful! Like Star Wars, the prequel follows the sequel.

The Full Model



The Entrepreneurial Capacity Phase

Hindle MEP- Entrepreneurial Capacity Phase