Models and Frameworks

Models and frameworks

As both theorist and practitioner my main intellectual and practical interests have been in the areas of:

  • the relationship between innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity evaluation
  • entrepreneurial process
  • entrepreneurial context
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • new venture creation
  • entrepreneurship education
  • the methodology of entrepreneurship research

Much of my work has resulted in the creation of models and frameworks in these areas. These artifacts succinctly capture the essence of my arguments and function as useful tools for practitioners as well as researchers and teachers.

A selection of models and frameworks developed in my work – and links to the papers which generated them – are provided below.

My fundamental framework: the value creation trinity

The model of entrepreneurial process (MEP)

How community context affects entrepreneurial process: a diagnostic framework

Indigenous entrepreneurship: a map of the field

New venture creation research: a map of the field

A framework for designing entrepreneurship education programs

Choosing the right method in entrepreneurial research: the canonical development approach