Kevin Hindle

Kevin Hindle

I am Kevin Hindle. I have been, for over 25 years, a committed entrepreneurship researcher, teacher, consultant and practitioner. This website serves a few purposes.

First, for people interested in entrepreneurship research, it contains nearly all my academic works. Nearly all are downloadable instantly with one click – and those that aren’t there are coming. So that readers might know my perspectives (some might say my biases), I have also stated precise definitions, based on my research and that of others, of the crucial, inter-related terms: innovation, entrepreneurship, opportunity evaluation, business model and business plan. If you agree with my definitions, I will be gratified: if you disagree, I will be stimulated. At least you will know precisely where I stand as a backdrop to evaluating any of my work. I have also extracted the key diagrams of some of the models and frameworks that are at the heart of my research in six focal areas: entrepreneurial process; entrepreneurial context; Indigenous entrepreneurship; new venture creation; entrepreneurship education and the methodology of entrepreneurship research.

Second, the site houses a growing collection of essays, called ‘ENTangles’, which is short for ‘entrepreneurial angles’. The ‘angle’ is the strongly held opinion that the author holds about the subject matter. Each ENTangle presents a well-considered combination of information and point of view on an important entrepreneurial issue that has contemporary global relevance. It is hoped that as the collection grows authors will include some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the entrepreneurial world.

Third, I provide a brief overview of my consulting practice, further detailed on the website <>. I hope you enjoy this site and find some of its content useful to your studies and your work.